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Since 1978, Heritage Landscape Services, Inc. has been serving the landscaping needs of clients throughout San Diego. “Our commitment is providing our customers with services that exceed expectations and deliver results.” Michael Hoover, President and CEO of Heritage Landscape Services, Inc. had a simple plan to provide reliable services and deliver results. Michael’s dream and vision of one day having his sons join the family business is now a reality. Heritage Landscape embraces the family values which are so important to the company and gives confidence to customers that Heritage Landscape Services, Inc. is committed to generations of quality service. “It brings me great joy to have Ryan, Tim and Jon with me in the landscape industry I love so much,” says Michael. “Our company is committed to service and it is my goal to continue this heritage for years to come!”

Paul E. Joseph Testimonial - Tierra mesa HOA

I can honestly say that we have never been better served. Not only do they do an excellent job, we probably should be written up in the news for the significant advances in water conservation that has saved us money not to mention, precious water.

-Paul E. Joseph, Board President Tierra mesa HOA

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Our water is limited, but you don't have to be.

The Heritage Way

Our scientific approach to conserving water and saving money.
  1. Evaluate

    • Analyze the site
    • Provide a preliminary usage report
    • Conduct an extensive water audit
    • Photographic documentation
  2. Formulate

    • Develop a plan for irrigation efficiency improvements
    • Develop a plan for low-water use and drought tolerant plant material improvements
    • Provide a cost/benefit analysis
    • Introduce grant rebate and voucher programs
  3. Implement

    • Implement irrigation efficiency plan including smart controllers components and drip systems
    • Implement low-water use and drought tolerant plant material plant
    • Provide savings analysis on a monthly basis
  4. Maintain

    • Water management implementation
    • Periodic system inspections and adjustments
    • Track savings and usage
    • Introduce new technologies
    • Provide regular water management reports

Bernardo Greens Case Study

Jean Nagy Testimonial - Bernardo Heights 24 (Las Floras)

When Heritage Landscape took over our 100 plus acreage in April of 2012, my job as Landscape Chairman became easier. Las Floras is a challenge but Heritage met the challenge and improved our look.

-Jean Nagy, Board Member Bernardo Heights 24 (Las Floras)

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